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PKing Rules

Post  Y E L L O W on Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:31 pm

Whether we like it or not, Quantum-Aura is based of the concept behind the game called RuneScape. We tend to follow their system in some cases to insure maximum stability in the community, given the fact that they have 100s of employees that might have shared more thought than we have, since they have the man power to do so.

Of course, we are not RuneScape, and hopefully we will never be. Therefore, it is crucial that we build our own set of rules to insure stability in this similar, yet different environment.

Rules regarding Luring and PJing is as follows:


Luring is considered LEGAL. However, the definition of Luring in this case differs from one that you may understand.

The legal Luring is the time when a player is killed while he/she had the intention to get involved in battle. If the player was not told that he/she will be fighting or getting involved in a battle that may cause loss of belongings then that would be an ILLEGAL act.

You can not lie or trick other players into your trap. For example.. all of the following methods of luring is illegal:

- ::yell Teleport to KBD for a prize!

* A prize is something someone may appreciate, and the wildy is not a place where you can share that. Therefore, this is an illegal lure.

- The act of trading someone and running deep, or something similar ...

* That person had no intention in fighting you or moving deeper or into the wilderness, thus its an illegal lure.

****PLEASE do not give us this BS of giving someone a prize... then killing him. Or any other crap like that, we will not accept any loopholes. We will consider your act illegal if you try to penetrate through the rules.****


- Attacking someone, and making them follow you till you "lure" them into Multi where you knock their head of.

* Unfortunately this is a tactic, and in that case you have been PWNED. LEGALLY.


PJing is totally legal, the system works against PJing by less than 10 seconds after combat, but if that is after 10 seconds, then tough luck.

Pk Points farming:

Also known as "killing another player in the wilderness to gain Pkpoints repeatedly"

Completely illegal! You are not allowed to kill another player to "farm" PkPoints, this is considered as bug abuse... and you will have your pkpoints RESET if you are spotted doing so.

Item Blocking (Killing People So They Cannot Get Their Fire Capes) is 100% legal and people engaged in this activity cannot be punished. It's mean, but not forbidden.

Rushing: LEGAL, it's a style of combat, and we will not bring ethics into it.

PJing: LEGAL, it's a style of combat, a strategy.

Far casting: LEGAL, again, it's a style of combat.

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