Donate to be lifted from a Mute, Ban, or even IP-Ban.

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Donate to be lifted from a Mute, Ban, or even IP-Ban.

Post  Y E L L O W on Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:14 pm

Regret the choices you made and now suffering the consequences of a ban, mute, or IP-ban? Really want to be on the server as if nothing happened? Click the link below and all your issues can be resolved. After you have Donated, please send me an E-mail ( containing your PayPal Mailing address, at which time you donated (with the time zone please), your In-Game UserName, and which package you have donated for so I can be sure to give you the correct reward. Don't lie to try and receive free offense reversing, we can check how much you have donated for.

NOTE: You may NOT pay to reverse Hacking, Advertising, DDOSing, or Glitch Duping/Spawning. Please include In-Game name in your topic. ALL transactions will be done in USD.


Credits to "Reapz96" for making the banner, staff avatars, and my signatures.

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