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Rules for Staff

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Staff Rules

In the contents of this thread you will find outlined the rules and procedures a staff member must follow.
What is Staff
The staff team of Quantum-Aura are only those who can treat the community respectfully and responsibly. There is only one way to become a staff member and that is to earn it. No amount of money will earn you a spot on the staff team. The Quantum-Aura administration only promotes those they deem capable enough to handle the responsibilities.


1. Respect
All members of the staff team are expected to be respectful and courteous at all times. If you are not in the appropriate frame of mind to be respectful to the players and fellow members of staff, we ask that you log off and calm down. While being a member of staff is a responsibility and a privilege, it can also be stressing. We do not need stressed members of staff, you should only be on when you're ready to be on. Being on while in a bad mood will simply make you hate the responsibilities and potentially lead to irrational behavior.

2. Bias
When dealing with an incident any and all members of staff are expected to be completely unbiased and look at the issue with a levelhead. If you are incapable of doing this, explain the situation to a member of the same authority or higher and have them deal with it for you.

3. Information
When following through with consequences on a player, you must first take them aside, be it in private or a separate area and explain to them: what they have done, why it is wrong and what you are about to do to them consequentially. Failure to do so may result in punishment from a privilege being removed to 100% demotion.

4. Activity
All members of staff are expected to be active for a BARE MINIMUM of one hour a day. This means for one hour each day you must be doing constructive, beneficial work for the community. If you ever plan on moving up in the ranks, for example from moderator to administrator, you will need to apply more effort. There are many areas in which you can help. While we will not list all of them, some common areas are helping players in-game and posting resources on the forums to be used by all players that will be helpful.

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